Regulations governing the use of unibike bike

  • The maximum period of use of UNIBIKE Bike Rental is 10 hours per occasion and, when the time is finished, the User is obliged to return the UniBike bike to any Rental station and place it in the Docking Station. If the User is unable to return the UniBike bike due to a fault at the Rental Station, they are obliged to inform the Operator immediately by telephone and do what is agreed. In the event the period of time is longer than 10 hours, the call centre will class the UNIBIKE bike as missing and the Operator is entitled to carry out those legal and other provisions at its disposal.
  • UNIBIKE bike may only be used within the administrative area of Debrecen as can be seen at
  • The User is obliged to use the UNIBIKE bike as it should be and in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions.
  • The User is obliged to use the UNIBIKE bike in accordance with valid Highway Code rules, carefully and expertly.
  • Using the UniBike bike, the User expresses they are in suitable condition and health to use the bike, and accepts all responsibility for any accidents arising during the Rental period. The User is responsible for their own insurance for health, property and liability.
  • It isobligatory to check that the bike is in a suitable technical state before use. By starting to use the bike the User agrees that the bike is in a fit state to be used.
  • The User must protect the UNIBIKE bike from theft, loss, damage, destruction and any other form of damage and, in order to avoid these, should travel with reasonable care expected and do what is necessary.
  • TheUser must not make any changes or repairs to the UNIBIKE bike.
  • Giving, lending, renting the UNIBIKE bike to another is forbidden. The UNIBIKE bike may only be used by the User.
  • The User may not transport passengers on the UNIBIKE bike.
  • It is forbidden to use UNIBIKE bike under the influence of alcohol, medicines or drugs.
  • The User must inform +3630 197 2462, and the police if necessary, of any extraordinary event, particularly vandalism, theft, damage to the UNIBIKE bike and any accident caused or suffered by the User.

Updated: 2019.04.15.

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