Renting a bike

III.1. For Regular Users

The UNIPASS card entitles a legally entitled person to use bikes held at the UniBike Rental Stations.

Only the natural person to whom the given UNIPASS card was issued is entitled to use the UNIPASS card. In the event the User gives their UNIPASS card, to a third party, the User is responsible to the Operator for any damage caused by the third party in possession of the UNIPASS card, and is responsible for the person to whom they gave the card. In all events the Operator regards the person who concluded the UNIPASS card for use of the UNIPASS card as the User and as the given person to whom the UNIPASS card was issued.

The balance on a UNIPASS card issued to one person may not either in part or in total be transferred to a card issued to another person. The maximum amount for a UNIPASS card is shown on the website. There is no limit on the number of times the Card can be charged, the amount is limited by the maximum amount that can be held on the Card.

  • III.1.1.  UNIPASS card

    • The UNIPASS card is a plastic card with a unique identification that entitles the Card user to rent a bike.
    • To obtain a UNIPASS card visit website.
  • III.1.3. Rental price
    • The first half hour of a new rental period is free with a purchased and valid pass. After the first half hour (free) every half hour begun counts as rental and will be charged. The rental prices are shown on the Website.
    • The maximum duration for rental per occasion is 10 hours.
  • III.1.4. Rental with a UNIPASS card
    • With a UNIPASS card the User can start the rental directly at the Docking Station. To use a UniBike bike touch the card to the card reader on the Dock. After a sound and flashing light the bike lock which secures the bike opens. The light flashes for 20 seconds during which time the bike can be taken out. If the bike is not removed within this time limit, the lock recloses. You have 2 minutes to check the technical state of the bike, then the rental fee counting starts. In the event you see any problems / faults with the bike (vandalism, puncture, something broken, etc.), you may return the bike to the docking station free of charge within the 2 minutes. You can report the faulty bike or docking station directly at the terminal.

What can I do at the Terminal with the UNIPASS card?

  • Request balance and transactions

    • You can request the current balance, see the period of validity of the card, data for the previous four journeys, the code of the bike rented.
  • Report a fault:
    • If a docking station or bike is faulty you can report it here.

III.3. For all Users

  • In the event of power failure or failure of/flat batteries at the Rental Station, the User cannot remove the UNIBIKE bike from the Docking Station, but will be able to return the UNIBIKE bike to the Docking Station. The Operator draws the user’s attention to the fact that if a UNIBIKE is returned to a Docking Station that does not work until it is operational again and the problem solved, the User may not rent another UNIBIKE Bike from either the faulty Docking Station or another.
  • Following rental the User may return the UNIBIKE bike to an empty Docking Station at any Rental Station. On returning the bike the light on the Docking Station light up and flash for 20 seconds that indicate the return is complete. The card reader installed in the Docking Station panel records the time of the rental end when the UNIBIKE bike is returned to the Docking Station.
  • The Operator gives an assurance that the UNIBIKE bike is technically suitable for use according to the rules and that during the Rental period a third party is not entitled to and has no need to obstruct, limit or stop the User from using the UNIBIKE bike.

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